How a Moroccan-owned shampoo business turned a niche business into a global brand

  • July 27, 2021

Morocco has long been known for its wealth of natural beauty products, but the country has also become a centre for the growth of micro-businesses in the last five years.

The Moroccan shampoo business Bissell is the latest to make its mark in the region, after its founders set up shop in Dubai and launched the business in 2013. 

“The Moroccan shampoo industry has a huge market potential.

In fact, in the country we have the highest percentage of shampoo consumers in the world,” Bissell’s co-founder and CEO, Ramez Zaremi, told Al Jazeera.

“We are a brand, we are a product, and we are an organisation that wants to create a global phenomenon.”

The company has created the brand with a mission to help consumers find the right shampoo for their skin, hair and hair care needs. 

Its aim is to help Moroccan consumers find and love products that are safe, effective and affordable, according to Zaremsi. 

In 2016, Bissell became the first Moroccan brand to be awarded the prestigious prestigious  International Association of Organic Cosmetics and Fragrance  (IAOCF). 

In its latest report, the IACF noted that the Moroccan shampoo market is expected to reach USD 7.7 billion by 2020. 

The market share for the Moroccan soap brand Bissell, which is made in the small Moroccan town of Casablanca, has increased by almost 60 percent in the past five years, from a share of around 3 percent in 2016 to nearly 50 percent today. 

Sulaiman Nasri, head of the Moroccan Cosmetics Market Association, told the BBC that Bissell was a leader in the Moroccan-branded cosmetics market and that it was vital that Moroccan consumers were able to find products that were safe, affordable and effective. 

Bissell is one of many micro-commerce brands across the region that are also aiming to expand into the global market. 

According to Al Jazeera, a new micro-finance network is already in the works, which will allow micro-investors to enter into new ventures with companies in other countries.

“Micro-focuses on a sustainable model,” Zaremmi told Al-Jazeera.

“A lot of companies are focusing on micro-financing, but we think that the model we have is the only one that will really create the social capital and support for a micro-venture business. 

 “We are hoping that the network will be able to help a lot of small entrepreneurs who are not able to get funding from traditional sources.”‘

The only thing you can take from me is the love of this industry’As a micro business, Bissel has its own website and Facebook page and a small number of followers.

But the company’s main goal is to spread awareness of its brand and products. 

As part of the effort, Zaremis father and founder, Abdulaziz Zaremei, has travelled to Morocco several times to meet with Bissell employees and to learn more about the business.”

I believe in this company, I believe in its brand, and I believe that the only thing that you can learn from this business is the passion of this brand and its passion for making a difference in society,” Zeremis said. 

Zaremeis mother is the owner of the cosmetics company Zawie and her father is the co-owner of the company which is owned by his mother. 

Awareness of Bissell and Zawies work has spread across the country, and the company has now become a fixture on the streets of the capital. 

“It’s a brand that is in the spotlight because it is not an ordinary soap. “

This is our latest project,” he said.

“It’s a brand that is in the spotlight because it is not an ordinary soap.

It’s an extraordinary soap that has been created with love, and people love it.”

When I first heard about Bissell a few years ago, I thought it would be a great project for a brand.

But now I am really happy because this is a brand I want to see grow. 

I love this brand because of the love that it has for its users.”‘

The price was high and the quality was poor. “

In the old days, when shampoo was cheap, Bissels products were made from animals,” she said.

“The price was high and the quality was poor.

Now the price is so low, we can create a brand with our own brand and have a lot more success.”

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