‘Bored of seeing the same boring people over and over again’: Recode CEO explains why he doesn’t want to work in tech

  • September 11, 2021

Recode co-founder Kara Swisher has been called the “Bored Of Seeing The Same Boring People Over And Over Again” by The Wall Street Journal.

Swisher says she is “so tired of seeing those boring people.”

The tech industry has a bad reputation, Swisher says, and it is not just because the majority of its employees are men.

“People are very dismissive of women, they don’t care,” she says.

“And yet it’s like, this is how I get paid and this is who I work with.”

When asked what she does that is more interesting, Swishers replies: “I love making things.

I love reading.

I like having my own company.

And it’s also the thing that makes me a happier person because I get to make fun of people all the time.

People that are just plain boring.”

She adds, “You’re like, ‘Oh, I love making stuff.'”

Swisher is a founding partner at Recode, which has been around for just under a year and has raised $11.7 million in venture capital funding.

She says she had “never thought about tech until I was working on it.”

“I was actually like, oh, this would be really interesting to do,” she recalls.

“So I got my foot in the door, and then I started seeing the potential of it.”

And the potential is pretty incredible.

Swishers says she got her first job in tech when she was 17.

It was a tech job that required her to learn how to build websites and do some code.

“It was kind of a bit of a weird time,” she tells Recode.

“I was really excited about the idea of a startup.

And then the company ended up going bankrupt, so I had to find a way to survive.”

Swisher and her partner founded a company called Code Academy, which is based in London. “

That’s the story I’ve always told myself.”

Swisher and her partner founded a company called Code Academy, which is based in London.

They hired a young woman who was a former programmer and was an advocate for women in tech, she says: “She was the first one to actually do some of the training, to really educate people on what the tech industry was, how it works, how to get started and then really help them succeed.”

Swishers now runs the tech consultancy company Code Academy Group.

And she says that while there are women who have started companies that made it to the top, she doesn’t see any women at the top of tech in general.

“If you’re not at the highest levels of tech, that’s going to be the only way you get anywhere,” she told Recode on Wednesday.

“The only way to really get to the front of the pack is to do things in your field that are really good, and that’s what I believe that is.”

But the reality is that it’s a very male-dominated field, and women are underrepresented in tech.

And so it’s very difficult to really make any progress.

“Swishing was part of a group of women who joined Reddit last year as part of an effort to get the site’s diversity team to focus on making it a place where people feel valued and safe.”

We are in the midst of a crisis.”

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